It is with great pride to announce that Halstead has finalized the asset purchase of REAction International, a boutique sales and rental firm in Manhattan. Ellie Wald, the founder and a top-ranked broker, has joined the Park Avenue office of Halstead Property, working as a broker with a team of 6 outstanding agents who each bring their own extraordinary talents to the firm. In addition, approximately 20 fabulous agents have joined Halstead offices depending on their neighborhood expertise.

Join Our Rental Team

Your Dreams Are Our Goals 

With a laser focus on helping our agents achieve their dreams, we provide one on one coaching/mentoring, training, technology and an extraordinary compensation plan that transforms lives.

REAction International Agents have the opportunity to:

Take Advantage of the Best Training, Coaching

And Career-Building Resources

With unlimited personal and financial growth, along with the simple, proven step-by-step process, REAction International is in the business of helping agents become the best they can be!  At the center of REAction's learning-based culture is REAction’s training system that provides a step by step curriculum addressing every single aspect of Personal Development as well as Success as a Real Estate professional. Trainings are offered online and in person.

Our trainings are considered to be the leading coaching and mentoring programs in the real estate arena. Mentors are committed to transforming the careers of our real estate agents with a range of different programs that focus on "letting go of limiting beliefs" and "being held accountable to the actions needed to achieve YOUR goals."

Our High-Tech Edge

As technology continues to transform in lightning speed. The ways in which prospects search for homes, agents communicate with their clients. REAction is at the forefront with amazing tools and trainings. As with everything we do, our technology is focused on our agents’ success. And it enables agents to fully leverage technology to gain a competitive edge in their businesses.

  • Every agent has access to a complete state-of-the-art back end office to manage his/her business and to create, manage, advertise, track, and learn every  aspect of the business.
  • Every agent has their own webpage on our site with listings, alerts, photo, biography, etc.  Sales agents use a unique VIP buyers site to communicate and work with buyers by creating a private website for each buyer we work with. To display listings, sort them, schedule appointments and for instant feedback…and much more.
  • Our sales agents use one of the most advanced online contact management systems in the world. This system completely automates agents follow up, activities, and many administrative to-dos.

In Real Estate, This is What Really Matters

Research consistently shows that clients choose agents, not companies. That's why REAction devotes it's resources to helping agents build their own business within our company.

Build Your Wealth

REAction is in the business of helping agents become the best they can be!
Committed to treating Agents as stakeholders and business partners we have created a unique payment structure system in which you the agent can earn multiple streams of income that can last for a life time!

Our Payment Structure System grew from a deep desire to create a company that is truly focused on its agents. And a deep belief that a company must focus on building its agents' future and careers, agents are an integral part of the build our company.
REAction’s Payment Structure System enables any Agent to become part of the growth trajectory of our company, and be rewarded in more than 5 avenues of income including RESIDUAL INCOME.  
Our Success Structure

Most real estate companies operate on a dependent model where the broker provides leads to the agent and then offers them a commission, or they operate on an independent model where agents receive minimal support from the broker but keep more of the commission. In contrast to these traditional models, the REAction model creates a synergistic environment where everyone benefits from helping each other through teamwork. It is these industry-changing philosophies that have created the perfect opportunity for any real estate agent that wants more out of the business then just a traditional commission check.

Let's get started on building your future.


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